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ATR Services have the most qualified tax agents in Melbourne. Our team of tax agents can take care of a wide range of tax-related matters. Tax agents are often mistaken for accountants. ATR Services provides services for both, tax agents and accountants, but there is a wide degree of difference between the two.

Tax agents are experts who are accountants with specialisation in taxation related matters. They know how to deal with the complexities that surround the handling and lodging of tax returns. Tax agents are more qualified than accountants as they undergo high-level training. They also have extensive experience in dealing with various types of taxes and have certain levels of certification that most accountants do not possess.

Tax agents at ATR Services provide a variety of services. But there are some core functions that they fulfil for any business that hires them:

Planning & Projections

When you hire a tax agent fromATR Services, you are not just getting an expert who will take care of your tax-related payments, but who will also help you out with long-term and short-term tax planning and possible cost projections. The tax projection made by our agents are accurate enough to help you make near-perfect estimates and set aside any extra funds that may be needed to pay your business taxes. The thorough tax planning done by our agents can benefit almost any type of Australian business.

Up to Date

No matter how experienced you might be or how long you have run a business, when it comes to filing taxes, no one is knowledgeable enough about theupdated tax laws. All the tax agents at ATR Services are trained accountants and are well versed with the latest tax laws and regulations for Australia and the state of Victoria. When you work with our trained tax professionals, you will realise that your business is better prepared for thetax season. Our tax agents account for changes in laws and regulations. The experience that our tax agents have can help you make necessary changes throughout the year so that you can be ready to deal with the payments.

Hassle-Free Filing

There are many who panic when it comes to tax filing. The situation worsens when they realise that they are not capable or able enough to filetheir tax documents in time. Hiring a tax agent from ATR Services can help you avoid these last-minute palpitations by eliminating the usual scramble that takes place in the final leg of the filing season. Our tax agentsensure timely and accurate tax filing year after year, keeping you at ease.

Tax Returns in Melbourne

If you have earned an income in Australia, then you are required to lodge a tax return. No matter what your income is, it is always worth lodging a return to see if you are due a refund. It is always a good practice to file your tax returns. You can lodge your tax returns online or you can hire a tax agent from ATR Services who can file it on your behalf in Melbourne.

Hiring a tax agent for filing your returns will make the taxation process much easier. Though most of your tax filing is already prefilled on the ATO website, there many other incomes and expenditures that you need to declare.

Income from employment, government payments, pensions, annuities, investments, compensation, and insurance payments, all must be mentioned. The tax agents at ATR Services not only ensure that all these financial transactions are taken into account, but they also provide you with advice to get the best deductions. There are distinct types of expenses that you can highlight to be eligible for income tax deductions.

One of the biggest reasons why you need to hire our tax agents is to prevent payment of hefty tax penalties. Tax evasion or delay in filing is not looked upon lightly by Australian authorities. But when you have a tax agent from ATR Services assisting you, there is no chance of filing taxes late.

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