Home Loans Melbourne

Owning a home is a dream come true for many. But finding the right financing option could be a nightmare. There are many in Melbourne who are looking to own a property, but they are often misguided when it comes to choosing the type of loan or the interest rates associated with it. At ATR Services, we provide our clients in Melbourne with suggestions and advice so that they can make a sound decision when it comes to buying property using a home loan.

Our housing loan experts know the several types of loans available in the market. You can choose the traditional Basic Loan or Standard Loan or, if you are looking for bigger source of finance, you can choose a Home Loan Package.

Every type of home loan comes with varying interest rate options. Usually the home loan rates are categorised as fixed and variable rates. As the name suggests, a fixed interest rate will keep the charges fixed as per the bank’s repayment policy. No matter what changes occur, the rate and repayment amount will never change. This usually helps our customers to budget their expenses better. Choosing a variable interest rate is not a bad option. You can always ask the bank to reduce the interest amount if there is a dip in the overall interest rate that the Central Bank would charge. This option is suitable for people who are not fully certain about their cash flow.

Though these are the major factors that are looked at while applying for a home loan, the task does not end here. One of the areas that is often overlooked by home loan applicants in Melbourne is the charges and fees associated with the home loan itself. At ATR Services, we guide our clients to choose home loans from financial entities that do not charge extra and keep their fees to a minimum.

All in all, our home loan experts ensure that you can buy a house where you can build your home and have a great life. We ensure that all areas are covered, and no stone is left upturned while choosing the best home loan and payment plan for you.

Car Loans Melbourne

A car loan is a common type of personal loan that many in Melbourne opt for so that they can finance the purchasing of a vehicle like a car, ute, 4WD, motorbike or any other variant of personal transport.

Many consider taking out a car loan when it comes to financing their dream set of wheels. But at the same time, it is important to understand what your options are to find the right car loan to suit you. If you have concerns or if you want guidance in choosing the best car loan in Melbourne, then step into the offices of ATR Services.

A car loan or a vehicle loanis usually taken when one does not have savings to afford buying a car. A loan comesin handy as it allows you to repay the amount in monthly instalments. But there are many factors that you need to consider.

The Car Loan experts as ATR Services can help you choose the right amount that will fit your budget. We will aid you in selecting the right interest rate, repayment plan, and the repayment duration. We also offer consultations to our customers on whether they should opt for a new car or a used car.

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