Business Advisory Services

Business Advisor in Melbourne

The business advisors at ATR Services in Melbourne are experience and are backed by an intelligent team that can assist you in implementing the right solutions to find the best results for your business needs. Regardless of the stage of development that your business is at – whether it is in the initial levels of starting up or if it is an established enterprise, our business advisory team will help you in achieving your goals. ATR Services' business advisory team offers solutions for:
  • Business financing & compliance
  • Maximising the value of business
  • Systems review and processing
  • Sustainability & strategic planning
  • Financial analysis to determine cash flow and profitability
  • Efficiency for transferability process

Our business advisors consult with business owners to provide them with information and ideas about how they can run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. Their objective analysis and ideas can transform your business and help it achieve new levels of excellence.

To address various business challenges and to uncover new opportunities through our business advisory services, we will develop a deep understanding of your needs and ambitions.This helps us take a proactive approach in working with you to achieve your business goals. Our team also offers pragmatic business advice that can help you make critical decisions with confidence.

Protection for your assets, funding your business growth, or developing a business strategy to maximise returns, our advisory services are guaranteed to deliver results. Here are some of the services that we offer for our clients in Melbourne:

  • Planning- We map out a plan to help you achieve your desired goals. We plan different phases of your business while keeping in mind its growth and profitability.
  • Strategy & Development- We create a bespoke business strategy to suit your unique goals by analysing your financial data and maximising potential opportunities.
  • Structuring– We provide advice on implementing the right business structure to streamline processes so that adequate cash flow is ensured for your business.
  • Growth & Profit Projection- Our team will help you in identifying areas to focus on to ensure your business’ growth and profit.
  • Financial Management – We process your financial information to get an insight into the key areas of development for your business decisions. This information helps in reducing risks and increasing profit.

BAS Agent in Melbourne

A Business Activity Statement or BAS is a form that needs to be filled out either once or multiple times a year, depending on the scale and size of your business. If you have a GST-registered business in Melbourne,then you must inform the government about your earning and expenses using a BAS. A BAS will record the GST you collected on sales and purchases while also tallying other taxes that you may incur. The Australian Taxation office or ATO uses the information on your BAS to work out your GST refund.

A registered BAS agent provides services by using his knowledge and skills to ensure that tax law is applied correctly for the business as it files its BAS. BAS Agents at ATR Services are certified to carry out all your statement related processes. We ensure that all our BAS agents:

  • Are certified and have all required qualifications
  • Have sufficient and relevant experienceto take up all and every matter related to BAS
  • Undergo continuing professional training sessions and education
  • Meet all professional parameters in accordance with the statutory code of conduct

A typical BAS will include some or all of the following payments based on your business:

  • Goods and services tax (GST)
  • Pay as you go (PAYG) income tax instalment
  • Pay as you go (PAYG) tax withheld
  • Fringe benefits tax (FBT) instalment
  • Luxury car tax (LCT)
  • Wine equalisation tax (WET)
  • Fuel tax credits

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